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Lift & Leveling Kits

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Considering a lifted truck or Jeep? Come to Tony's Tires, Inc. Our technicians offer years of combined experience in the automotive service industry. Our facility features state-of-the-art equipment and suspension products for lift and leveling kit installation. Whether you're a seasoned pro at vehicle customization with a specific lift kit in mind or this is your first lifted or leveled vehicle, we're ready to assist.

Just call (818) 504-9711 to get in contact with a member of our team, or visit us today.

We serve Sun Valley, CA, Valencia, CA, Culver City, CA, and surrounding areas.

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Lifting & Leveling Benefits

Lift & Leveling Kits in Sun Valley, CA

Leveling Kits

A leveling kit evens out your truck's stance, especially when there's an uneven distribution of weight. For example, if you have a plow or winch on the front of your truck, it could cause the suspension to droop. A leveling kit brings your truck back up to its proper height.

Lift Kits

A lift kit can protect low bumpers, the exhaust, and running boards from rocks, debris, or rough roads. Lift kits come in handy when venturing off-road, keeping your vehicle body safe from the rough and rocky terrain with added ground clearance. Whether it's through rocks, mud, or deep snow, if you have larger tires, additional ground clearance, and a customized suspension - which are all benefits to installing a lift kit - you’ll keep your 4x4 protected while riding in style.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Lift Kit?

How high you should build your truck or Jeep is a matter of what you're looking to do with your vehicle.  If you only need a little bit of additional clearance, consider using a 1.5" lift kit to 3" lift kit. Small lifts are cost-effective options that keep handling relatively stable. If you love the look of a high lift or like to hit the trails, 4" lift kits to 6" lift kits might be more your style. It's important to remember that bigger lift kits require additional changes to your vehicle and may take time for you to adjust to the handling. You won't have as much stability compared to when you had lower ground clearance, but it'll be easier to drive over large rocks with this lift and bigger tires/wheels. For motorists who like to drive on road and off-road, however, a 2.5" lift to 3" lift should do the job. 

When it comes time to choose what's right for you, let our knowledgeable and experienced technicians help you out.

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